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Nutree Pure Migraway Migraine, Headache and Stress Relief Roll On - 10ml

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Category: Herbal Roll On
AROMATHERAPY: An Unique blend of 100% Herbal essential oils like Lavender oil, rose Marry oil, Chamomile oil, Lemon Grass Oil, Henbane oil, Pepperment oil to release tension and provide almost instant pain relief specially Migraine Headache. ALL NATURAL - No preservatives, artificial colors, artificial dyes, parabens or synthetics used in Roll on. CONVENIENT ROLL-ON APPLICATOR. Easy to use, no mess. Apply to temples, forehead and back of neck at the first signs of migraine or headache anywhere anytime. On the Go Pack - Right-sized to carry in your pocket or purse Instant Relief - faster acting than pills and capsules.
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Overview: Migraway Roll-On is designed to provide a natural way to soothe and relieve pain from migraine, tension and sinus headaches. Migraway contains steam-distilled essential oils of peppermint and lavender to quickly ease stress and provide a cool, refreshing sensation right when you need it. It provides an alternative to conventional medical treatment. Therapeutic Benefits; Headaches occur due to a variety of factors, but regardless of why they occur, what they all have in common is we want them to go away fast. It is difficult to be productive or be in a good mood when your head is pounding and throbbing with agony at every move. Although dozens of over-the-counter and prescription formulas are out there, not everyone is able to find a pain medication that can actually provide relief. On the other hand, those who do use an effective pain-reliever are doing damage to their liver by using it, overloading the liver with synthetic chemicals that needlessly travel throughout the whole bloodstream, when the pain is only in one region of the body-the head, face and neck. By applying Migraway to the area of pain only, you can avoid giving your body a toxic overload with Migraine medicines, which are notorious for their side effects, including damage to the stomach lining. Lavender Oil, Chamomile oil, Rosemary oil and Peppermint oil release tension and provide almost instant pain relief specially Migraine Headache when combined together in right combination. These are the most important essential oils for relieving Migraine pain, and together they create a combination that you can rely on to bring you on-the-go Migraine relief no matter where you are. HOW TO USE? The roll-on bottle makes it easy to use and convenient to carry. Simply roll on temples, forehead, back of neck. Roll-on bottle is ideal when traveling or on the go. Note: For external use only.


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